Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Addie's Dance Tryouts at Center Stage!

Addie and Abby right before their tryouts!

Addie and Abby had tryouts at center stage for Mini Company and Mini Elites. Parents weren't able to watch but thier old teacher was in there and said they did amazing. Addie looked so dang cute in her new little dance outfit and she got to wear a little make-up which is always what gets her the most excited! :)

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Rick and Mel said...

Cute Cute!! I can't even stand how cute these girls are. So that guy from the Sugarhouse State Farm location called me today...he is so nice!! Doesn't look like it will work out though, his pay is just too low. Thanks so much for getting my resume out there. You are the best! Keep me in mind if you ever need someone in your office to kick some butt;) haha.