Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thursday, August 5, 2010


This years State Farm trip was to Austria but because Paisley was only going to be a few weeks old we decided to take the alternate trip to Coeur D Alene.  Although I wished that we were able to do the Austria trip I can't be to upset because Coeur D Alene is beautiful.  It's known for its world class golf course with their floating 12th hole.  We had so much fun with the kids they were in heaven being able to swim in the lake and also in the 2 pools they have here at the resort.  I was able to slip away and get a pedicure with a good friend that is an agent in Wyoming Jen Talich.  The kids are starting to make their little State Farm friends from all across the country that they will be able to see on all the trips.  One of the days we went to the other side of the lake and went fishing with them and the kids had a BLAST.

The best part of the whole trip was the group event that State Farm puts on which is always so amazing.  We were taken by boat to the opposite side of the lake to the incredible golf course where we spent the evening.  They had a live band, Crochet for the kids, an amazing meal, and the best part of all the kids were able to make smores by the campfire.  The pictures just don't show how beautiful this place really is.  There are planes that take on from the lake to give tours, there is para sailing, kayaking, biking.  Endless things to do although it was hard for us to do much because of the baby but we were able to go to the amusement park called Silverwood which was great.  

Every time we go on vacation it is inevitable that one of my kids get stuck in the elevator.  A few years ago when we were in Park City we were coming up from the pool and I was talking to a lady when the elevator opened and little Addie who was about 3 at the time hurried in and the door shut before I could make it in and I had no idea what floor she on, then this past April we were in Park City again at the same Resort and me and Brightyn we coming up to the room and Brightyn jumped out of the elevator and I was reading the list scheduled events when I turned around and the doors were shutting and "NO BRIGHTYN"  I heard her screaming all the way down to the main level and of course on the way back up to get her I was so panicked and of course the elevator stopped 3 times on the way back up that made it seem like forever, but I got back up to the top and she had just sat down right outside the elevator crying her little eyes out while she waited for me to come back up.  I was so proud of her that she waited right there for me.  SOOOOO this trip we were all in the elevator and we went to get out and Brightyn somehow got left in and as the door was shutting we heard this terrified scream of Brightyn who was being left in AGAIN and luckily Aaron got to the doors right before they closed and tried to Pry them open but they just wouldn't budge so we yelled and Brightyn, to push the 4 button (The level we were on) and when she did that the doors opened right up so now Brightyn is always the first one out and she will stand in front of the door until everyone is out every time poor thing she is scared to death now.   

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We had such a great time in Chicago.  I was in heaven with the AMAZING shopping, Cubs Games, and spending time with my FAVORITE sister.  The first day we were there Chelsea picked us up for the airport and we went to Kona Grill for lunch it was very different from anything we have ever had but it was really good.  Then we were off to get a treat (you cant be with Chelsea and NOT get a treat after every meal) at Pot Bellys they had the most amazing dessert bars called Shelia's Dream Bars and Chelsea was telling me all about them on the way there she lost me when she said they had choclate in them so I was just going to go with a shake until she made me try a bite and "holy shiz balls" they were good.  Chelsea laughed at me when I said "holy shiz balls"  They were made with an oatmeal crust and had cholclate chips and carmel in them and ohhh they were delicious.  We are trying to find out if they can just shop us dozens of them weekly. We didn't do much the first day because we were waiting for my parents to arrive the following day but unfortunately they were on Delta's buddy passes and they had to wait 2 days before getting out on a flight.  I felt so bad for them they drove to the airport 3 times trying to get on a flight until they finally got on we were so excited when they were finally able to join us. 

The second day that we were there we went to a theater called muvico it was the most amazing theater that i have ever been to. It has an upper deck you could pay $20 and sit in individual lazy boys, and have all the popcorn you wanted they would also come around serve you drinks. We weren't able to sit in these seats because we had paisley and you could not take kid in this part of the theater. but we sat in their regular seats and the were also really nice. We saw inception! Such a great movie.

And of course the best of all Wrigley Stadium where Paisley attended her first major league Baseball Game at the age of 7 weeks and it was my first major league game at the very young age of 28 :)  Funny story:  I had slept in Chelsea's long striped socks so when I woke up and got ready for the game I put them back on with my shorts and had Chelsea and Aaron play along with teasing Mason that I was going to wear them to the game.  they looked awful they were a maroon and purple color and I had on a light pink shirt on.  So I walked out and Mason said " Kresh, you going to wear those socks to the game" and I said "Yes, why doesn't anyone like my socks."  I think at this point he thought that I was kidding but when Aaron said " Kresha, Why do you always have to wear those stupid socks when you wear shorts please take them off, everyone stares at you like your crazy when you wear them."  This is where he bit.  Then he says "Kresh, I like them you should wear them."  So I wore them out to the car and was planning on wearing them all the way into the stadium but I just couldn't do it so I took them off in the car and asked him if he really thought that I would wear something like that.  It was so funny.