Monday, July 6, 2009


I just wanted to take a moment and give thanks to my in-laws Jack and Connie. We have had quite the weekend. Aaron started getting sick on Wednesday and went to the doctor (Anyone that knows Aaron knows how sick he must be to actually go to the doctor) and they tested him for "The Swine" and sure enough it was positive, the doctor said that it's one of the worst respiratory cases that he has seen and that if he was not better with the medication that he prescribed within 3 days then he wanted him back in the office and they were going to hospitalize him due to many of the deaths were because of the cough settling into the lungs and causing a bad case of pneumonia. I have never seen Aaron so sick he couldn't even lift his head of the pillow. His parents are always right there to step in whenever anyone in their families need them and even though I knew what wonderful people they were I have never been so grateful for them as I am right now. They not only called almost every hour but they brought in food and even brought things for my kids to do. I appreciate Jack coming in and taking control of his stubborn son when he was debating rather or not to go to the doctor without his fatherly advice Aaron may have never went :) Jack and Connie you have truly made me a better person by setting good example and really showing me what is truly important in this life. I Love You both so much and am so grateful that I married into such a wonderful family. I also want to thank Aaron's brothers and sisters for their support and calling everyday to make sure that he was okay You truly are the best!

Aaron is finally after one week feeling much better and is back to work which he is so grateful for he was going absolutely crazy sitting in this house all day but I did find out tonight that he watched a full season of 24 (Bauer is what Addie calls it) in 2 days! I have a lot of catching up to do!!!!!!!

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