Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Spent with the King!

We have had so many great trips with State Farm and hopefully many more to come. We have been to Scottsdale, Vegas 3 times, Zions, Phoenix, Hawaii (Our Favorite) and in April we are going to Austria. This was in Las Vegas with my TICA group which stands for Temporary Independent Agent I am pround to say that I lost the T In April when I signed my Permanent contract . We stayed at the Red Rock hotel and casino and it was the best casino that I have ever stayed at. We loved it. It is a ways off the strip which is what I think that I liked so much about it seems a little cleaner and safer. The hotel had several great resturants our favorite being a little bbQ place it was delicious. It also had all of the gambeling which kept Aaron very HAPPY! It had 3 different dance clubs. It was perfect. If anyone is going to Vegas soon I highly recommend the Red Rock! Our room was unbeliveable. State Farm treats their agents very well :) I am so lucky to work for such an amazing company!


Candice said...

We all need to go back to Vegas again very soon! But this time if anything happens to the boys we are not going back to bail them out!!! haha

Stephanie Peay said...

Hey Kresha,
I ran across your blog and added you to mine. Mine is private but if you go to and leave your email I can add you to my other blog. You look great and have a cute family!