Friday, May 28, 2010

It has been an interesting week at my house.  I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday with horrible pains in my left side lower back it reminded me of when I was about this far along in my pregnancy (8 months) with Brightyn and had a kidney stone)  I was in a lot of pain for most of the day Sunday until about 2 PM when the pain became just too unbearable and Aaron took me to the hospital.  When I got there all I could think was I need drugs and I need them now.  FINALLY after throwing up a few times they came in with some morphine that helped for about 10 minutes.  They took me down for a sonogram to see if it was a kidney stone and they found 2.  They also found that I had an infection as well.  So throughout the next few days I lived on iv medication until that stopped working and I was needing more to keep me out of pain.  The doctor came in and recommended that I have a stent put in until the following week when I would be far enough along that they felt comfortable with inducing labor (37 weeks)  the only other option was to start labor then due to the amount of medication I was receiving which would eventually be very harmful for the baby.  So i decided to go with option 1 and have the stent.  The only GOOD part about having the stent put in was I was able to get a epidural which felt GREAT because for once in 4 days I was finally out of pain.  After the numbness wore off I was in more pain than I had been before the surgery.  AHHHH!  But each day got a little better the stent definitely doesn't take the pain away but I am able to take a pill form of pain medication which is healthier for the baby.  I am just trying to make it to next week to deliver the baby and then they will take me into surgery right after and blast these stones and remove the stent and hopefully then I will be out of misery and can enjoy this little one.  Its amazing how much we take for granite our health.  I have had so much help between my mom, grandma, mother-in-law and my unbelievable husband I could not have done this without them.  Thanks a million!  I love you so very much!  

Saturday, May 22, 2010



STOCKTON MICHAELSo the big debate at our house right now is who this new baby of ours is going to look like.  When I was looking for new born pictures of all my kids I didn't realize how much more Stockton and Addie look alike as babys (at least I think so)  but now I think that Stockton and Brightyn look more alike (Just like Aaron) and Addie has a look of her own.   We still don't have a name for this poor baby.  I am just going to hope that when I see her it will magically come to me. LOL!  The names that we are trying to decide between are:  Paisley, Anniston, Elle, and Bostyn.  Any input from you bloggers would be great!  I am due in 4 weeks and can't wait! 

Brightyn's Preschool Graduation

Brightyn had her preschool graduation from the Peppermint House on Thursday night.  She did such a great job singing and reading her cute little part to the audience " Julie Ann likes to play in the mud.  She got all dirty and told her mother a mud puddle jumped on me.  Could that really happen? Let's see."  and then they sang a song about mud puddles.  So dang cute.  She knew every song and you could hear her over all the 35 kids that were singing.  Brightyn will be attending the Peppermint Preschool next year too before she goes to Kindergarten.  
Both Addie and Stockton were taking video and pictures of Brightyn and so in this picture she decided that she was going to do a little dance pose and did a leg lift in front of Everyone.  She cracks me up!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Brightyn was so excited to finally be able to dance on the big stage.  She had been watching Addie all year compete both her solo and with her group at several competitions.  At every competition she would go down and sit with Addie and Abby for their duo awards.  It was so sad the girls would go up in front of everyone and get their trophys and crowns and there sat little Bright.  I felt so bad she just kept saying "Mom, I am going to do a solo next year so I can get a crown."  So we tried to make such a big deal about this recital that she was FINALLY able to dance in.  Addie was so sweet she let me give Brightyn one of her trophys and we got flowers for her and took several pictures.  So hopefully she felt VERY special.  

The dances were great.  Brightyn performed a little butterfly routine and she did such a great job.  Mrs. Kim (Brightyn's) teacher asked her to be in both shows.   She was able to dance twice which made her very excited.  Addie performed one of her company numbers (Stupid Cupid) which is our favorite dance of the year.  She also performed her Jazz number which turned out so cute.  This has been such a great year for Addie it's amazing how much she has grown as a dancer.  Thanks to Mckell (Addie's team instructor)  Although, we had such a great year and its hard to see it come to and end.  There is also a big part of me that is so glad to see things settle down a little bit.  I think that I bit off more than I could choose this year.