Tuesday, July 27, 2010

me and mick stockton's post

me and mick are like best friends i love mickers every time my freinds come over like zack , jax jens and dalton I always let him out and play's with us it so funny case he jumps on my frends and me and he comes running too me boom im down. every time we clim up the slides and suddenly out of no wear mick jumps on us we fall down the slide mostly he gets my frends i'ts awesome.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago,Coeur d'Alene, and Vegas!!!!!!!

We have some great trips coming up in the next 3 weeks.  Can't wait.  We are going to Chicago to see the CUBS PLAY at WRIGLEY FIELD (2nd oldest major league field) and see my SISTER and her husband MASON.  So excited to see them.  

The next week we are off to State Farm's Trip to Coeur d"Alene.  Although, we were suppose to go to Austria this year we ended up deciding to take the alternate trip because we didn't want to take the baby out of the country.  I was so sad I was looking forward to this trip but we are taking the kids with us and it will be great too. 

Then the week following we are off to Vegas with some of our best friends.  This will be a great trip as well.  Ashton has never been to Vegas and Aaron can't wait to show him around.  


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Little AllStar

Stockton was chosen to be on the Allstar team.  They did such a great job they went 3-1 and not only did they win the three games but they 10 run ruled them all.  Stockton did such a great job he played 1st and outfield and made some GREAT plays and his hitting was awesome too.  He seemed to have more fun during this tourntament then I have ever seen him have. I was so glad to see him enjoy it so much.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love baseball there is nothing better than sitting at a baseball game well acutally there is something a little better sitting at my sons baseball game  with my husband helping coach him. I looooove it so much.  I am so proud of Stockton.  

I love this picture.  This is one of Stockton very first t-ball games when he was 4.  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer

Steel Days

We had another great weekend with all of the Steel Days Activities.  We went to the parade in the morning where the kids rode on the fire truck with Aaron this has became a annual tradition that the kids wait for all year long they love it ALMOST as much as Aaron. 

Later that afternoon we went to the Firework show where we met up with some great friends Jason & Sarah, Barry & Tisha, Ashton & Jordan, Mom & Dad, Bev, Bambie, Brent & Kathy& Ali &  Ashlyn.  They had a ton of games and blow up slides for the kids and their favorite thing was face painting.  The Fireworks were AMAZING they did a great job this year.   The kids also loved the carnival too.  I have a very hard time taking them to the carni it is just so dirty.  I tell the kids every year "Let's go to lagoon or seven peaks instead." and every year its the same answer "No." 


We had such a great time at Uba this year although it was very windy most of the time that we were there.  However, we did have one good day and that was Saturday and we were able to get out on the boat.  Aaron was not able to go on this trip because he had a staff infection and poison oak that he caught up the canyon while he was trying to stop all the flooding that was happening.  He broke out with little bumps all over his body that started in his leg and we thought they were just bug bites at first until they started to spread all over his body and they went from very small bumps to large and lots of oozing at that point we knew they were not just bug bites.  The last boating trip we went on was to Lake Powell and he was unable to come with us there because he came down with the swine flu.  I am beginning to think that its all self induced cause from anxiety because he dislikes these trips so much.  Hopefully he wont come up with anything for our next Powell trip which is planned for Labor Day I am keeping my fingers crossed.  

I just love this picture of Paisley wearing her first life jacket that is way to big for her.  This was her first of many boating trips and she did so good.  She slept the entire time I think she loved the feel and sound of the boat.  

The kids had a blast as usual they can't get enough of the lake. ( They definitely get that from me.)  They love to tube I think that is their favorite however, they have never tried waked boarding or skiing I am going to try to get them (Stockton and Addie) up this year I think that they will love that just as much once they learn how.  

Sarah one on my bestest friends also came down for one of the days (The windy-rainy one)  and the kids had such a great time together.  I have to laugh at her little guy Brenden he kept us entertained the entire time.  First, the kids came running over to me yelling "Brenden, just kissed Brightyn."  Brightyn then walked up and said "Mom,  my lips wont fall off because he kissed me."    (All of our kids know that is they kiss before they're 25 that their lips will fall off and have to be sewen back on.)  Then he took a  huge rock and threw it on our watermelon that we had in the water (to keep cool) and split it in two, I thought that my mom was going to cry she was looking so forward to that watermelon for dinner.  He is full of energy, such a funny little guy.  We were sad to see them leave we had so much fun with them I wish that the weather would have been a little better for them.