Monday, August 10, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

Brightyn at her last day of summer dance class
Me and Addie

Addie and Chelsea

This was taken on the last day of Addie's summer Ballet class. She is so amazing at ballet although I think that it gets a little boring to her at times.

Brightyn posing like her big sister

Addie showing off her great leg lift!

I just love this picture of Addie. She is growing up way to fast. I wish I could freeze time right at this very moment. Our kids are at such fun ages.

Addie and Abby at Dance intensive. It was a long day for these little ones they danced from 9-4 everything from jazz, ballet, hip-hop, gymnastics, and creative dance. What a great experience for them. They had so much fun together as long as their together and dancing they are in their GLORY!

This is Brightyn's cute little dance teacher Miss Amber she was one of the best teachers I have ever seen with the little ones.

Brightyn was so cute this summer in her little dance class. She got a lot of one on one with Amber because most of the time there was only her and one other little boy. She LOVED it!

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The Dayton Family said...

Cute pics!! I love Addie's hat ;)