Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poor Paisley

Poor Paisley has been so sick with her acid reflex this week. She throws up several times a day and wants to be held ALL the time I can't lay her down not even for a minute. She is currently of a medication to help but it is not doing the trick as of yet I heard that it takes time to kick in so I am hoping that any day now she will start feeling better. It is so hard as a parent to watch your kids in pain and especially a little one that can't tell you what is wrong or what might make her more comfortable. But I am grateful for mother intuition because I started her on rice cereal with peaches in it to help the taste and her medication on the same day and she had a very bad reaction and just screamed for 2 nights I wasn't sure what was causing her to be in this much pain so I thought that it was going to take a few days to figure out what exactly it was and I just had a feeling it was the peaches that was causing her reflex to be worse and sure enough it was so I am so happy that she is not in as much pain as she was but she is still so miserable. A good friend of the family that is a nurse in the NICU gave me some great tips that might help so I ran right to the store and am starting them first thing in the morning and I am praying that they will help her.


Harper Family said...

I hope something helps for you!!! Eventually she will grow out of it! Good Luck :)

Jeffrey & Katie said...

Hey Kresh,
I have had acid reflex since I was a baby too. When you do lay her down make sure she is elevated. Sleeping with a wedge pillow helps a lot. Poor Paisley, hope she feels better soon.