Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Baby is 4 Months Old!!!!!

Paisley weighed 13 lbs at her 4 month check up which put her in the 17th percentile, 21 percentile in height and 52 in head and if there was a measurement for her cheeks I am certain that she would be off the charts. She is in the best stage right now.

She is so close to laughing. She will give that little coo sound.

She is loving this little baby of Brightyn's that makes coo and laughing sounds she will just sit and stare and smile at it for hours it has been a life saver while we are in the car because she HATES her car seat.

She is spoiled rotten. She is now at the age where she will watch you walk away after i have laid her down I will see her little eyes follow me as I walk out of the room and then within seconds she will usually start crying.

She is a smart little thing in the middle of the night when me or Aaron will go into get her she will instantly stop crying as soon as she hears our footsteps walking into her room.

When she doesn't want to look at someone who is talking to her she will just keep turning her head right to left in the opposite direction. It is so funny to watch. Poor Brightyn gets it the most

She loves blowing bubbles at you.

Spits up A LOT. (Not so fun) Go through 2-4 outfits a day---- Definitely didn't need anymore laundry

Started feeding her rice cereal and she gives me the "this is disgusting face" and spits it all out at me.

I love kissing and blowing in her neck. This is my prediction of her first laugh.

I love watching her sit in her bumbo on the kitchen table watching Brightyn color. Priceless moment.

I could hold her all day everyday. I just cant get enough of this sweet little thing. I am so BLESSED I have the greatest kids in the world. I just want to freeze time so that they stop growing I always tell them that we are going to stop having birthdays so they can stay my babies and I usually get this response. "yeah right mom." Oh how I wish time would just stop going by so quickly.

My sweet Paisley Bostyn,

You are the sweetest thing we could ever have asked for. Your bother and sisters just can't get enough of you they get so excited to get home from school just to see you. There is not a thing in this world that would ever get me excited to get up in the middle of the night every night but every time I hear you in your crib usually talking and cooing I jump right up and can't wait to see you and cuddle with you in my bed. I am so excited to see you grow and interact with Stockton. Addie, and Brightyn they just cherish you. You dad also just can't get enough of you. He loves playing with you and TEASING you (yes, already) by blowing at your neck and giving you the cold chills every time. I am so so very grateful that you get to come to work with me everyday so that I never have to leave you. You are so beautiful and just as sweet as they come I can't wait for so many things for you but as for now I want you to just stay little forever. I love you very much and so does your sisters, dad,and big brother.

Love, Mommy

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