Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am currently planning SEVERAL birthday parties and even though it is taking up most of my time in the early morning hours (12-3 am) I am having a blast doing it.

The first one that I am planning is Stockton's birthday on Nov. 10th and he is wanting to do laser tagging AGAIN this year for his party with a sleepover afterwards. I am trying to be creative with another laser tag party but I am stuggling. However, I did find some great invitations online but after showing them to Stockton he said " Mom, I like them but the laser guys on the front look "funny" I said what do you mean "funny" and he said "like YOUNG" Okay after he said that I could see what he meant I forget that my little guy is turning "10" Crazy! So now I am back to square one trying to find unique invites. However, I did line up his cake with the greatest cake decorator around " I'll post pictures." Very excited to have at least that lined up. I am excited to get everything ready for my little (BIG) man's party.

Addie's I am soooo excited about because it's a surprise party for her. She decided last year that she wanted to have a summer party instead of another indoor November birthday and it was very convienent for her to make that choice because we were in Disney World on her birthday . So we ended up doing a summer birthday party in June and now she wants to have one on her birthday (5 months later) I thought I don't want to invite the same kids to her party after just having one!!!! So I decided that I will throw her a surprise party with mostly family and 3 of her bestest friends (then I can call and explain why they are being invited to ANOTHER party for Addie.) I don't want to post what I am planning for her just incase it gets out but I can't wait she is going to be THRILLED!!!!!!

I am also planning Chelsea's party another one that I am so excited about.

And then Aaron's which is........

Brightyn's is coming up in January everything she wants is of course as GIRLY as I can make it. Found the cutest INVITES for hers as well.

I love this time of year EVERYONE I love is having birthdays.

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Harper Family said...

Love Birthday parties...want to plan some for me :) Sounds like you are going to have some fun parties! How is Paisley doing? Any of those things work? We just started prevacid on Reagan too, but she isn't as bad as your little one!