Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago,Coeur d'Alene, and Vegas!!!!!!!

We have some great trips coming up in the next 3 weeks.  Can't wait.  We are going to Chicago to see the CUBS PLAY at WRIGLEY FIELD (2nd oldest major league field) and see my SISTER and her husband MASON.  So excited to see them.  

The next week we are off to State Farm's Trip to Coeur d"Alene.  Although, we were suppose to go to Austria this year we ended up deciding to take the alternate trip because we didn't want to take the baby out of the country.  I was so sad I was looking forward to this trip but we are taking the kids with us and it will be great too. 

Then the week following we are off to Vegas with some of our best friends.  This will be a great trip as well.  Ashton has never been to Vegas and Aaron can't wait to show him around.  



The Dayton Family said...

Vegas cannot come fast enough!!! So excited :))

masedogg87 said...

ahhh I wish we could go!!! but Im so excited for you guys to come here, it's going to be a blast!