Saturday, February 20, 2010


It has been such a long time since I have posted on my blog.  So much has happened the past few months.  As you can see below I have posted several pictures that have been taken over the past few months.  I have been horrible lately.  The procrastination started with finding out that we were going to have another baby and then the morning sickness started and that's all that I need to say for anyone that has ever had this.  I just wasn't up to doing much of anything.  I am feeling so much better hence why I am finally updating my blog.  

We found out that we were having a BOY!  Wait.... keep reading.  When I went in for my first check up at 8 weeks the baby was measuring a few weeks small so they wanted to do another ultra sound at 12 weeks.  So while I was there I asked the doctor to peek and see if he could see the gender and within 20 seconds we both saw BOY.  But afterwards he said we don't like to look this early because they look the same.  But that didn't matter because I saw the little boy part and I just knew it was a boy so I went home and told Aaron and the kids that we were having a boy.  Aaron was so excited, we immediately started disagreeing on the name "Becham" I loved it and Aaron hated it.  Well then I went to Bunco and I was telling a friend about how I had already found out the sex of the baby and she said "oh, don't be so sure the same thing happened to me and my husband and we were told it was a girl at our 20 week appointment."  At that point I wasn't so sure anymore.  I just had a feeling when she told be that the same thing was going to happen to us.  SOOOOO I went in right before Christmas (which was still before my 20 weeks appointment) and they said nope this is definitely a GIRL!  Oh no what was I going to tell my kids and even worse what was I going to tell Aaron.  So I came home and told Aaron that he needed to sit down (he didn't know where I had been)  and he looked at me and said "why?" "It better not be a GIRL."   He knew right away when I told him to sit down.  I felt so bad he was so excited for another BOY!  I still decided that I was not going to buy anything until my actual appointment that I should have just waited for anyways.  Well I finally had my 20 weeks appointment about 3 weeks ago and yes its a GIRL!  Even though we would have enjoyed another boy we are all so happy that we are having another wonderful GIRL!  We haven't decided a name yet but are leaning toward Paisley or Bostyn.  I am so grateful to be feeling better and can't wait to welcome this new little one.  The kids are so excited!  

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