Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chelsea's Wedding

Mason and Chelsea were married this last Friday and it turned out beautiful.  Chelsea didn't know that she had a few surprises in store for her on this special day.  The first, was that Mason was going to sing to her while my dad walked her down the isle.  She had been begging Mason for months and months to sing L.A to Rome at their wedding and Mason kept telling her that he just couldn't do it in front of all those people.  So during the ring cermemony as Chelsea was waiting for the typical wedding music to start Mason started singing her song while his Uncle played the guitar.  WOW!  it turned out amazing I think every little girl in the audience will have a new expectation of their wedding day.  Then at the end of the night everyone walked outside to light sparklers and throw rose peddles, what Mason and Chelsea didn't know was that my mom wonderful friends Debbie and Steve Wilson were having a helecopter land to take them away on their honeymoon.  It was awesome and they were so surprised the helecopter landed right on the green of the golf course it was AMAZING!  The other surprise was where they were going on their honeymoon, Mason planned it all and told her that night that they would be spending their honeymoon on a Mexican Cruise for the week.  I am planning on posting the video of the ceremony so everyone can see him singing to her but I need to make sure that it's okay with then first so as soon as they get home I will see.   She is one lucky girl Mason is such a great guy!  We are all so happy for them.  

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Jordan.Lindsay.Jersey said...

Her wedding was so beautiful! Your girls looked darling as usual!