Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We finally were able to get our family pictures done. Shannon was so patient with me trying to find a time that worked with both of our schedules only took about 3 weeks and about 4 last minute cancellation so I owe Shannon BIG time. The day turned out to be beautiful. However, towards the end of the shoot it started to get a little cold for Paisley and Brightyn poor little Paisley nose ran the entire time or she was spitting up I bet we wiped her mouth and nose over 30 times. But they turned out darling. So excited to make our Christmas cards this year. At the end of the shoot we had 2 horses and a lama come up to us. As we were leaving I look back to make sure that the kids weren't being attacked and Addie is petting one of the horses so Shannon started snapping away which is absolutely PERFECT for Addie she is going to LOVE these pictures. May even have to blow it up and put it in her room (she just loves horses she asks me a couple times a week if we can buy her one and when I ask her where we would keep it she says in the backyard with Mick.) This girl is meant to live on a farm and she is so NOT even close to the farm life. I think we need to start spending a lot more time at Uncle Ron's.
I HAD to have a couch for this years pictures and I am so glad that I did. I love how this turned out. You should have seen the look on Aaron's face when I told him that we would be using a couch this year. He looked at me as if I had now really lost my mind.


Haylee ann said...

I love those pics so so much!!! you have the cutest family ever!!! miss you guys love ya!

Bambie said...

That is so cute!! Can't wait to see the rest!!