Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paisley's Big Day

Today Paisley was blessed by Aaron and he did such a great job. She looked so sweet. Aaron always gets so nervous a couple days before but I can't figure out why because he gives our kids the most incredible blessings. We had just our immediate family attend due to our limited room in our house but we are so grateful to have such a wonderful supportive family they are the best. Stockton was so cute after the blessing the bishop asked who would like to give the closing preyer and Stockton voulentered and was so dang cute I was so proud of him. During his prayer he said "Please keep my family same from harmony." and then at the end he says"In the name of jesus and latter day, Amen." How cute is that???? Oh I just love him to pieces.


The Dayton Family said...

His prayer was so cute!! Oh and you forgot to mention the best part of the whole day...... when I buried you all in Skip-bo! Hahaha :)

Ali said...

What a special day. It kind of brings a tear to my eye remembering Ashlyn's day...and how special it is to think of the wonderful blessings that are in store for such a sweet girl. I'm so happy for your family to have Paisley. You are so lucky.