Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Newborn Pics

A few things about Paisley.

She loves when I sing to her, if she is upset is calms her right down but I have to hold her right up next to my face.

I will always rub my nose up and down hers I think that she knows it me when I do this.

She has the funniest toes.  the same toe on each foot curls behind the other one.

She is the best baby she never ever cries unless she's wanting to eat.

She gave me her first real smile at 4 weeks old.

She knows when her sister Brightyn is near.

 Her first explosion went all over her  big brother Stockton and he paniced                                    and just kept yelling for me to come                                      and get her.

                                 There is nothing like having a baby we                                   love her to pieces and just can't get                                       enough of her.


The Dayton Family said...

Oh I love them all!! She is so adorable! She looks so tiny.

Clayton, Kelsie and Carter said...

Kresh I love her!!! I wanna come and hold her so you can sleep. :)

Haylee ann said...

oh my goodness!!! she is so sweet! i cant wait to hold her! Miss you guys

masedogg87 said...

Do me one big favor please!!! Update your blog more come on now this is all I get to see from back home!