Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Stockton, Addie, and Brightyn had so much this Halloween. Brightyn was so scared of anyone who had any kind of a mask on, thanks to Aaron who always scares her with masks and blankets.

Addie was so excited to be Dorthy she loves having her hair in braids and LOVES the 'Wizard of Oz' I found both Addie and Brightyn's costumes at a boutique. However, finding Stockton's costume was another story. He wanted to be a clone off of 'Star Wars' but we could not find it ANYWHERE (guess he wasn't the only one) so he decided that he wanted to be Indiana Jones!

We went up to Grandma Tina's house and had a pumpkin carving contest and of course Shay one again with his amazing carving of Jack Sparrow. All of the holidays seem to be getting better and better as the kids get older.

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