Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paisley Bostyn Brems

My Baby girl just turned 1! It's amazing to me how quick they grow up and it speeds up 3x most likely our last. She is so much fun right now her little personality is really starting to come out. If I am in the room she will go to no one but me and even though sometimes it can be a little hard I love it so much and wouldn't trade it for anything even on the hard days. The only other thing in this world she would rather have more than me is the "scooter" Addie bought a little electric scooter with her grade money and she didn't expect to have to share it with her baby sister who wasn't even one at the time. We can't walk by the garage door without having her whine and lean towards the door because she knows where it is, its the craziest thing to me that she remembers it out there in the middle of the day and we haven't even gone outside yet to remind her and when we go to get in the car to leave it's ALL over she cries and cries for it. Needless to say me and Aaron take turns going around the neighborhood in circles on this little scooter however Aaron rides Stockton's scooter which is a lot bigger so he doesn't look as silly as me but it goes pretty fast and Paisley just loves it she stands up right in the middle and I hold her in between my legs and she just grins from ear to eat while her little piggy at the top of her head just blow in the wind and even after literally 1/2 hour when I come into park it she squeals as I pull her off it and she holds onto the handle bars with her little fingers tightly gripped not wanting to let go.

She also is loving her little piggy in her room (it's a little pink piggy bank) every morning she will wake up knowing that I am going to say "oh, where your piggy Pais) she puckers up those little lips of hers blowing at a OOOHHHH and leans over to give it a kiss.

She is also loves loves loves dogs every time she sees one she either mick, bandit, and especially Daisy she gives us her famous Paisley puckering of the lips (she inherited from Stockton) with making a OOOHHH sound.

I have started tuning her front facing in her car seat so she can watch the movies the kids are watching and she has been in heaven she just stares at the movie (usually transformers, flicka, or beauty and the beast) and smiles the whole time she will look at me and the kids with her head a little higher than usual like I am a big girl!

She is so very picky with her foods she will hardly eat anything so I started feeling like I needed to give her something healthy so I bought some baby food (fruits) to see if I could get her to eat them and who I am kidding they instantly came flying out of her mouth with her all to familiar "cKcKcKcKcKcKcK" noise she makes when she either doesn't like the taste of something or sometimes she will do it with the feel of certain textures. However, she loves the most unhealthy foods here are some foods that she can't get enough of: Cheetos, dry cereal, ice cream, and luckily watermelon and drink a ton of water. We will keep working on some more healthy items :)

We recently took a trip to Starvation Lake and she was in her glory all the motorized things she couldn't have been happier between the boats and four wheelers all around she just loves anything with a motor lol. grandpa Robbie bought a little boat just her size that sits in the garage and every time we go over she wants me to put her in it and I can't get her out of it. She is deciding that Grandpa Robbie is a pretty fun guy who will always take her to her favorite things!

She never really laughs and never has she is giving many more smiles than she used too (this she got from her big sister Addie) I have to really tickle her right in the crease of her neck to get her to laugh and even then its just a quick little giggle and then she will stop its so funny because she is the happiest little thing but just doesn't want to or can't quite figure out how to smile!

She loves the bath tub and could also stay in there forever I have decided she just loves water every time we go to the lake so far this year the water has been freezing cold and we lean over the side of the boat and put her in it and not even a peep she just kicks and kicks and loves it no matter how cold it is and will get out on the tube anytime most little babies would scream with the water hitting them in the face like it does when shes on the tube behind the boat but not her she loves it. Poor Aaron has realized that he will never be able to talk Any of our kids into staying home with him on the boating trips. Guess he'll just have to start coming with us!

She will be 14 months in a few days and is still not walking she is a little chicken because she has great balance and is totally capable of walking by herself but is just to scared to so we are currently working on that!

She loves chewing on my tooth brush in the mornings which is kind of disgusting but its the only way I can get her hair done so I let her and she just drools all over the place I think that it must feel good on her gums

Every time we walk past the hallway from Brightyn's room to our room she always makes a little noise passing a picture that I have up of the kids (addie, brightyn, and Stockton) before she was born this picture was taken and they were so cold so in this particular pic Brightyn has her head down crying and we go through all the kids by pointing at them and saying thier name and after I say each of their names she always makes a little noise and I just know she is trying to say them too and when we get to Brightyn's pic I will say Brightyn CRY and she will just smile we do this several times a day and she just loves it she is getting really close with Addies name she lets out a AAAAA which is an easy sound for a baby but she is trying her hardest to say it

She loves her brothers and sisters they are always teasing her and she gets so excited and will hurry and turn around as they are coming for her and dig her head into my chest and laugh (or I should say 1 little giggle)

I have an app that I downloaded for her a few months ago on my phone of a little baby that laughs, dances, sings, farts, and burps, suck a bottle and a binky and she just loves it and I will always say to her oh no baby CRY and she will touch the bottle so the baby will stop crying and drink the bottle and when she dances Pais will now dance by moving her arms around and bounce up and down SO dang cute and its been a life saver at times

Paisley B you are such a sweet baby girl we all love you so very much and are having a blast with you. You are the light in our lives and cant wait to watch you grow and create memories.

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Kelsie said...

I cannot believe she is already a year old. Holy Crap. Time has truly disappeared. I am glad all is well with you guys!