Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Happy "Crazy" Weekend!

Our weekend our typically crazy but this one was EXTRA crazy with 2 soccer games, dress rehersals, and the spring recital! The reason why it ended up being so crazy was due to all of this falling on Saturday! Luckly, Due to rain Baseball was canceled (I never thought I would be happy about Stockton's baseball game being cancelled but this weekend we needed a break somewhere! So, Thank You rain however, stay away next week so we can get in some BASEBALL!

We ended up leaving early Brightyn's soccer game to arrive just in time for her dress rehearsal to leave early to arrive late for Addie's Soccer game. I feel like this is becoming very routine for us to leave early and arrive late just to get everything in. However, crazy this may sound I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Aaron and I have always wanted to keep our kids very involved to give them every opportunity we can in life to find what they love and excel to "some" it may not make sense but for our family it does and although sometimes it's hard to 2nd guess yourself when other close to us are making comments we still come home and the end of each day knowing that we are doing the best we can and actually loving "almost" every moment of it!

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