Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The girls and I decided to go to our townhouse in Mesquite while Stockton and Aaron stayed at home. We both had such a great time with the kids. The girls and I went to Lake Mead, a little shopping in Vegas and a little R&R at the condo with my family. Aaron and Stockton had a baseball tournament with the Baseball Academy and the annual AF Fire Department Memorial Day breakfast. Chelsea, my girls, and I went shopping on my birthday at the amazing "Ceasars Palace" in Vegas funny story I was a little nervous about taking my kids to Vegas (Not very kids friendly) so I decided that they would love to see the famous Vegas but I knew that I needed to have a little talk on the way there so the conversation started with "Girls, Las Vegas has some things that kids shouldn't see so you just need to stay close to mom !! Not let go of my hand even for a second!! and if you see something that's bad just turn your head. Addie "like what mom?" "well there may be things on big pictures of girls that are not very modest" so I got off Sahara exit and the very first advertising billboard was the picture of the show girls back end. Addie face was so hilarious I thought I was going to die laughing she just gasped with her hand over her mouth! It's amazing at how much worse things look when you have your kids with you! It's like watching a ROMANTIC movie with you parents for the 2nd time and not remembering some of the "parts" being that bad! I just laughed and said those are the kinds of things that I was talking about (But, honestly how do you turn your head) I was just so Happy at that exact point that Stockton was not with me! So we parked and went into Ceasars and Addie and Brightyn decided they were thirst so we stopped to get a drink and they wanted slushies the lady behind the counter says "The only flavor that doesn't have alcohol is Strawberry and of course my girls hear that so I bought them both a strawberry slushy and as we're walking away Addie looks at her slushy without taking a drink and looks up and says "mom, what is she's lying" LOL! Addie she wouldn't lie! "How do you know" Chelsea answers "because she would go to jail." Then Chelsea (yes, chelsea) looks at me and says "would she go to jail." Wow! she is pretty! I think, I know I will never take my kids to Vegas for a long long time. After shopping we finished the night off with dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We had such a great time. Thanks Girls for the great Birthday!

Stockton and Aaron from what I hear had a great time. Aaron took Stockton, and some friends (Dalton, KAden, Jack, and Dane) to dinner at Shakys, bowling,and then home for a sleepover! A few baseball games where Stockton did a great job and then ended the weekend with the Memorial Day Breakfast. I am so grateful for such an amazing family and the opportunities we have to travel and spend time with family and friends.

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Kelsie said...

Vegas is a freaking dive, but is fun with the right company! Love it!! You crack me up. Haha