Saturday, May 22, 2010



STOCKTON MICHAELSo the big debate at our house right now is who this new baby of ours is going to look like.  When I was looking for new born pictures of all my kids I didn't realize how much more Stockton and Addie look alike as babys (at least I think so)  but now I think that Stockton and Brightyn look more alike (Just like Aaron) and Addie has a look of her own.   We still don't have a name for this poor baby.  I am just going to hope that when I see her it will magically come to me. LOL!  The names that we are trying to decide between are:  Paisley, Anniston, Elle, and Bostyn.  Any input from you bloggers would be great!  I am due in 4 weeks and can't wait! 


Clayton, Kelsie and Carter said...

I love the name Paisley, but there have been probably 100 or more of them in the last year. I love love love Anniston. I just think it is so stinking cute! And Elle and Bostyn would fit with the other girls so well. Good frickin luck!! I pray that we never have a girl at our house, because we will NEVER decide on a girl name that we both like! I am excited to see her!!

Haylee ann said...

I think Elle and Bostyn are so cute and go so well with your family and Paisley is so darling and if you dont use it well one day if i ever have a girl! Well i might have to steal it! Hahaha! What ever she will be named will be so cute!!

The Dayton Family said...

You already know what the majority think. The problem is getting Aaron on board!!