Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brightyn's Preschool Graduation

Brightyn had her preschool graduation from the Peppermint House on Thursday night.  She did such a great job singing and reading her cute little part to the audience " Julie Ann likes to play in the mud.  She got all dirty and told her mother a mud puddle jumped on me.  Could that really happen? Let's see."  and then they sang a song about mud puddles.  So dang cute.  She knew every song and you could hear her over all the 35 kids that were singing.  Brightyn will be attending the Peppermint Preschool next year too before she goes to Kindergarten.  
Both Addie and Stockton were taking video and pictures of Brightyn and so in this picture she decided that she was going to do a little dance pose and did a leg lift in front of Everyone.  She cracks me up!

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