Thursday, May 20, 2010


Brightyn was so excited to finally be able to dance on the big stage.  She had been watching Addie all year compete both her solo and with her group at several competitions.  At every competition she would go down and sit with Addie and Abby for their duo awards.  It was so sad the girls would go up in front of everyone and get their trophys and crowns and there sat little Bright.  I felt so bad she just kept saying "Mom, I am going to do a solo next year so I can get a crown."  So we tried to make such a big deal about this recital that she was FINALLY able to dance in.  Addie was so sweet she let me give Brightyn one of her trophys and we got flowers for her and took several pictures.  So hopefully she felt VERY special.  

The dances were great.  Brightyn performed a little butterfly routine and she did such a great job.  Mrs. Kim (Brightyn's) teacher asked her to be in both shows.   She was able to dance twice which made her very excited.  Addie performed one of her company numbers (Stupid Cupid) which is our favorite dance of the year.  She also performed her Jazz number which turned out so cute.  This has been such a great year for Addie it's amazing how much she has grown as a dancer.  Thanks to Mckell (Addie's team instructor)  Although, we had such a great year and its hard to see it come to and end.  There is also a big part of me that is so glad to see things settle down a little bit.  I think that I bit off more than I could choose this year.  



Haylee ann said...

SO cute i love your kids so much!! ANd im sure this next one will be just as cute as the others! Thanks for sharing

The Dayton Family said...

Cute pics! It has definitely been a great year for dance :)