Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Me and the girls were invited by Tisha, Bambie, and Abby to have a little girls late night out to see the new movie "The Last Song"  it was a great movie.  Although I was feeling like it was a little old for the girls, not that it was not appropriate in a bad way, more that it was just a little over their heads.  Brightyn was asleep in the first 15 minutes.  We kept looking over at Addie & Abby when their was a kissing scene and they would just giggle & giggle.  At the end of the movie I said "Addie, that show was way to sad for me." she responded with a WHY? she apparently didn't catch the sad part of the movie which I was grateful for.  I turned to Tisha during the movie and said "oh, no now Addie is going to start begging me again to let her take piano lessons."  Sure enough as soon as we got in the car she says "mom,  you need to sign me up for piano."  I swear that child wants to do EVERYTHING!  She already dances 4 hours a week, gymnastics 1 hour a week, soccer, and tutoring an hour a week.  She constantly begs me to do horse riding lessons, team gym, piano, baseball, basketball.  I am grateful that she is well rounded but I just can't keep up with the girl.  

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