Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is Addie, Abby, and Randy from this last season of so you think you can dance.  The girls were star struck they loved it.  The boys also had the picture taken with Gev from a past season of sytycd he preformed the most amazing solo that I think that I have ever seen.  It just amazed me.  If I recommend that everyone come to this event next year.  It's usually late August and this year they had many professional dancers mostly from so you think you can dance.  Louis Van Amsdel was the announcer and he also did a great job.  There is also lots of dancers from dancing with the stars there preforming.  Addie got to preform with her little Kaliedscope Company this was their last performance of the year.  They had so much fun this year it was very sad to see it end, but they are on to bigger and better things this next year.  Addie and Abby are going to do a solo this year together and they cant wait.  They both have their back walkovers and Addie is working on her Arial she is soooo close.  We are so excited to watch them and they cant wait ANYTHING to give them more time together they are very close friends so its going to be so much fun.


Bambie said...

They are so cute! I can't wait to see their solo!!!

The Dayton Family said...

We need to get on Chelsea to get one put together! The two of them will undoubtedly make the cutest duo of any competition. And let's face it, the girls aren't the only ones who appreciate the extra time with a best friend ;)