Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Hawaii Trip

Our trip to Hawaii was amazing. We had the hardest time leaving, most vacations were ready to come home after awhile but not here. We were gone for a week and could've stayed another week no problem. It was as beautiful as I had pictured Hawaii to be the views were undescribable. The only part about the trip that was not so fun was our delay in LA for 11 hours. They had something go wrong with the plane and had a mechanic working on it so they just kept delaying it an hour or two at a time. If we would had known that we were goig to be there that long we would had taken the kids and done something in LA. But once we got to Hawaii it was well worth the wait. I couldn't believe how genuine and nice the people were there. Utah people needs to take a few lessons from the Hawaiian people. Aaron and I decided that we would love to retire there.


Bambie said...

Beautiful pictures!! Im glad you guys had such a good time. I would love to go there someday

Steve Wilson Family said...

I am with you on NOT wanting to leave Hawaii!!! The time flies by way to fast! I have never been to Kona but it looks SOOOO fun! That is a vacation your family will NEVER forget! Deb

Rachel said...

I loved Hawaii too. We want to go see some of the other Islands now. The pictures make me want to go back. We are are you guys?